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After finishing the five-year study of urban design in China, Huixiang had decided to continue to explore the mystery of design in landscape architecture in USA. He received a Bachelor of Engineering (Urban Planning and Design) in China in 2016 and a Master of Landscape Architecture in the University of Texas at Austin in 2019. With an understanding of public spaces and social relationships, Huixiang has a great interest in integrating the design of outdoor spaces and individual behaviors at a variety of scales. He has always been passionate about observations and interactions, while attempting to keep a practical mindset when social, cultural and natural contexts are at hand. Huxiang had been working as a part-time design intern in Campbell Landscape Architecture since summer 2018, and joined as full-time designer after graduation in Spring 2019.

Bachelor of Engineering (Urban Planning and Urban Design), 2016 | Hefei University of Technology, China

Master of Landscape Architecture, 2019 | University of Texas, Austin