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Prior to joining the team at CLA, Preston's professional experience is an assemblage of time spent in plant nurseries, gaining a good grasp of native Texas flora, independent design work with clients and custom home builders, and a position as a project manager at the design / build firm The Garden Design Studio located in Austin, TX. His on-site project experience while working design / build was invaluable in learning the importance of details in elevating the quality of a project.

During his time at Auburn University, Preston developed a deep affinity for the theory and philosophy that is the underpinning of landscape architecture. This led him to the belief that reading the landscape, revealing patterns, learning through exploration and unearthing beauty and pleasure through simplicity are defining principles of landscape architecture that culminate into a philosophy of life.

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design, 2015 | Auburn University, AL

Master of Landscape Architecture, 2017 | Auburn University, AL