| | | L I G H T L I N E S | | | Hopscotch

Light Lines Hopscotch is an immersive, interactive grid of suspended electroluminescent wires (EL wires), 8 channel audio, and infrared camera, all controlled by custom electronics. It can be viewed as an immersive interactive light show and also as a metaphorical representation for the interconnectedness of 21st century life. Each day, we navigate through endless grids and networks. Light Lines strips away the clutter of our everyday lives and distills our electronic lives into a grid of clean lines and order. It is an idealized dream vision of our electronic world, an interactive light and sound immersion that washes off the chaos of the world outside. (Light Lines is chaotic too, we’ve just hidden the tangles in a closet).

Light Lines is the second collaboration of Campbell Landscape Architecture, TAB Labs Creative Technologists, and Merkaba Electronics.


Cameron Campbell (CLA)

Preston Frankstone (CLA)

Taurin Barrera (TAB Labs)

Bill Baird (TAB Labs)

Stuart Campbell (Merkaba)

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